Chief of Staff John Kelly comes under attack [Video]

[VIDEO] John Kelly is doing a great job for the President, so the media will spin this up to get rid of him? That is the opinion of Ben Shapiro appearing on FOX News.  All this is about the firing of Rob Porter who was surprisingly revealed to be a wife abuser. The White House stumbled a bit because the image Porter had did not match the reports. It took a while for the White House to catch up. Look what has been attempted on Kelly since then.

As Written and Reported By The Daily Wire:

Fox News contributor and Democratic pollster Doug Schoen pushed back at Scalise’s narrative, noting the “Gang of Eight” effort in 2013 when a bipartisan group of senators sought a solution on immigration reform. While their bill passed the Senate, it stalled in the House.

MacCullum played video of various people criticizing the White House for not firing Porter before, then asked Shapiro his thoughts about Porter’s sudden fall from grace. Shapiro responded:


No question, it’s a major fall for him, but it seems like a fall that is well-deserved from the credibility of the allegations, and of course, we’ve got multiple allegations from multiple different women. You have a police action that was filed against him, a temporary restraining order. The real question is what did John Kelly know, and even if he only knew some of the allegations why would he allow Rob Porter to get so close to the president? That really is the question to me, because it’s clear to me from what Kelly has said, what the administration has said, he didn’t, for example, have access to the photo of the ex-wife who was hit in the face, and once that came out he changed his story. But when you’re in doubt, you gotta keep the president safe from the impact of having someone around him who’s …..


WATCH: Shapiro On Fox: The Press Wants Kelly Out So The White House Will Be More Chaotic | Daily Wire

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