Chilling Selfie with ISIS Symbol Taken in the USA

This is the sort of chilling selfie that draws the attention of law enforcement and security agencies. The selfies appeared on social media and were in and about New York City. Is this some sort of spoof put on by someone with a weird sense of Humor? Is this more than likely a threat by ISIS sympathizers showing how easy it is to use our valued freedoms against us? These perpetrators need to be hunted down rapidly.

As Written and Reported By Erik Rosales for CBN News:

WASHINGTON – The New York Police Department and the FBI are investigating images on social media of what appears to be ISIS supporters taking selfies outside museums and other locations around New York as a warning of a possible attack.

The photo shows a masked and hooded man with the ISIS logo on his scarf, standing on a snow-covered sidewalk outside the Upper East Side museum. The caption under it reads, “We are in your own Backyard O worshippers of the cross!”

The image is being used to recruit, radicalize, and inspire lone wolf attacks in New York.

Eric Feinberg is the co-founder of GIPEC, a cyber-intelligence firm that keeps track of online terrorism-related hashtags.

Feinberg said the photos and others like them are meant to sow fear and to embolden potential lone wolf terrorists into taking action.

Feinberg believes social media sites need to do a better job at filtering out this terrorist propaganda.

“They need to do a better job and they’ve got to stop with the rhetoric,” he explained. “They keep saying we are hiring thousands of people to do ….


NYPD Investigating Selfie Featuring ISIS Symbol Outside Met Museum of Art | CBN News


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