China Preps for War?

Communist China has never declared peace in our times. This giant of a nation intends to be the leading world power. Not content with fomenting unrest and anxiety in the South China Sea, it is reorganizing to project power world wide. It is the beginnings of an arms race and the resurrecting of the Cold War. Make no mistake, this is a real Red Threat that will not go away. Watch China closely.


As Written By Bill Gertz at The Washington Free Beacon:

Pentagon: China Restructures for War

Details of island building in S. China Sea disclosed

China’s military underwent a major restructuring last year in a bid to prepare its military for conflict, the Pentagon said in its latest annual assessment of the Communist Party-controlled People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The armed forces were reformed with new military regions, a new command structure, and updated strategies to better fight regional, high technology warfare, the 145-page report to Congress says.

“These reforms aim to strengthen the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) control over the military, enhance the PLA’s ability to conduct joint operations, and improve its ability to fight short-duration, high-intensity regional conflicts at greater distances from the Chinese mainland,” the report said.

Abraham Denmark, deputy assistant defense secretary for East Asia, told reporters the military reforms “are intended to enhance the PLA’s ability to conduct joint operations by replacing the old military regions with new geographic commands.”

“Our approach focuses on reducing risk, expanding common ground, and maintaining our military superiority,” Denmark said.

As part of its military strategy, China continued to expand its building of new islands in the South China Sea where military forces can be used to control the strategic waterway linking the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

From some of the 3,200 acres of new islands, “China will be able to use them as persistent civil-military bases to enhance its long-term presence in the South China Sea significantly,” the report said.

China also is asserting sovereignty over Japan’s Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

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