China run media begins saber-rattling

Well, it did not take long for China to greet the new Donald Trump administration with a little bit of rhetoric. The government news organ, People’s Daily, said that “word bombs” won’t intimidate them. They then flung a few word bombs of their own. This will continue to be a hot-button issue in the Western Pacific and the South China Sea. Get the details here.

As Written By Brian Pickrell for the Daily Caller:

China will continue to expand its military power into distant waters, despite U.S. criticisms, state-run media warned Sunday.

China intends to carry out military exercises farther from its shores, the People’s Daily, the main publication of the ruling Communist Party of China, explained, adding that blue-water drills like those recently conducted by China’s aircraft carrier battle group will become the norm.

Led by the Liaoning, China’s sole carrier battle group raised several alarms in the Asia Pacific as it traversed the Yellow Sea, East China Sea, Western Pacific, South China Sea, and Taiwan Strait.

“From now on, Chinese military training in distant seas will be routine,” the People’s…..


Beijing: US ‘Word Bombs’ Won’t Stop China’s Power Projection | The Daily Caller

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