CIA Director Lowers the Boom on Leon Panetta Over President Trump Tweeting [Video]

[VIDEO] In this video you will see and hear President Donald Trump’s CIA Director Pompeo defend the President’s use of Twitter. You will also see him lower the boom on Leon Panetta, a former director of the CIA. 

These two former Directors appeared with FOX News’ Bret Baier at a national security event in Simi Valley, California, over the weekend. It was a great exchange of positions and ideas. After it was all said and done, Director Pompeo came out the stronger of the two over President Trump and the benefits of his Tweeting.

As Written By Debra Heine for PJ Media:

The mainstream media’s usual hand-wringing about President Trump’s Twitter habit morphed into hyperventilation last week after he shared several “unverified” tweets about terrorism, but the director of the Central Intelligence Agency surprisingly doesn’t  have a problem with it.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said at a national security event in Simi Valley, California, over the weekend that Trump’s tweeting has actually yielded helpful intelligence.

The current CIA director sat down with former CIA director Leon Panetta and Fox News host Brett Baier for an hour of discussion on world events from a security perspective at The Reagan National Defense Forum on Saturday.

Baier brought up Trump’s tweets about the Muslim videos and asked Panetta why he thought “it was like playing with fire.”

“When you tweet something like that out there you don’t know what the consequences are going to be, and the consequences could be lives,” Panetta replied solemnly. Baier turned to Pompeo: “One account on Twitter makes your job harder?” he asked. The CIA director’s answer was almost certainly not what the host expected. “No, I don’t know that that’s the case,” he replied. “I’ve actually……


CIA Director Pompeo: Trump’s Tweeting Has Actually Helped Us

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