CIA Director Mike Pompeo: Russia and other outside influences are in fact trying to influence U.S. elections

It comes as no surprise to many that CIA Director Mike Pompeo would say that Russia has been meddling in American elections for decades. Election meddling seems to be an international sport. The United States is a player in that arena as well. It is not like the bizarre Stelle dossier as you might think. It is more subtle and has a long-term goal that does not care who wins. What they are after is an undermining of the democratic process itself. Though that, it sees a way to defeat a nation.

As Written and Reported By Teri Webster for The Blaze:

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Sunday that Russia and other outside influences are in fact trying to influence U.S. elections and have done so  “for decades.” The next time will likely be in November, when Republicans try to keep control of Congress, Pompeo said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

U.S. intelligence leaders have said Russia interfered in the 2016 election by hacking and releasing embarrassing emails about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. They also believe Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election by spreading propaganda through social media, according to Reuters.

How long has this been going on?

Moscow’s meddling is apparently nothing new. When asked if Moscow tries to undermine U.S. elections, Pompeo responded: “Yes sir, have been for decades.”

He told CBS the longstanding practice is a way to undermine our democracy.

“Yes, I continue to be concerned, not only about the Russians, but about others’ efforts as well,” Pompeo said. “We have many foes who want to undermine Western democracy.”

Pompeo did not say who else is working against the U.S.

Trump seems undecided in whether Russia is running interference. Sometimes he agrees with U.S. intelligence agencies and other times he agrees that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ……


CIA director says Russia has meddled in U.S. elections ‘for decades’ – TheBlaze

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