CIA Inspector General Lost What?

When it is the only copy you have of the classified ‘torture’ report, you would hope that the CIA Inspector General might be more responsible. Now the IG will have to wait for other legal proceedings to be worked out before he can see the report. It is hardly laughable, but appears to be human error. There are other copies, so why cannot someone send him another? It is not an attempt to rewrite history, as some fear.


As Written By Julian Hattem at The Hill:

CIA watchdog ‘accidentally destroyed’ copy of ‘torture report’

The CIA’s inspector general has accidentally deleted its only copy of a controversial Senate report about the agency’s history of brutal interrogation techniques, opening a new front in the long battle over the document.

Like many federal agencies across Washington, the spy agency watchdog was handed a copy of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s full, 6,700-page report about the CIA’s former methods shortly after it was completed. The full version of the report remains classified, however a 500-page executive summary was released to the public in late 2014.

But at some point last summer, both the electronic copy and a hard disk were destroyed, the watchdog told Congress.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the driving force behind the 2014 report, sent letters to the CIA and Justice Department on Friday confirming that the spy agency’s inspector general “has misplaced and/or accidentally destroyed” its copy of the report.

According to Yahoo News, which first reported the development, the deletion was described as “inadvertent.”

Acting inspector general Christopher Sharpley uploaded the report to the office’s internal computer network and then destroyed the hard disk, apparently following standard protocol, the news outlet reported. Then, someone else in the watchdog’s office reportedly misinterpreted instructions from the Justice Department not to open the file and deleted it from the server.


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