Classless Attack on Purple Heart Veteran [VIDEO]

You cannot look at this video without being ticked off at this low-life Democrat trying to bully a veteran running for office in Florida. Randy Perkins is hi name and he is running against Brian Mast for Congress in Florida’s 18th district. It is not clear why Perkins thinks that prior military service cannot be used as a reference for office qualifications. As I seem to recall, the requirements are pretty broad. This is just typical of liberal methods; attack, belittle, and demonize.

As Written By Charlie Hoffmann for the Free Beacon:

Randy Perkins, a Democrat running for Congress in Florida’s 18th district, berated his Republican opponent, Brian Mast, on Monday for claiming that his military service qualifies him to serve in Congress.

“So tell me why the sacrifices and the services that you have provided for this country make you capable of solving issues?” Perkins asked Mast, a double-amputee veteran of the war in Afghanistan, at a recent candidate forum. Perkins then listed off numerous issues and asked Mast how he would fix them.

“Well, it’s what’s involved in that service that makes me very capable of solving any number of those issues,” Mast responded.

Before Mast could explain how he would address various issues, Perkins interjected and told him to pick two specifically…..

Full Story Here:

Dem Asks Why Military Service Makes Some Qualified for Office

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