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For most conservatives, the thought that Hillary Clinton will run for the office of President again in 202 is almost a boogeyman story. There are countless reasons why she may or may not chose to run for President again. Probably, it is still something she still desires and would like to do because it is owed to her. There are also some very interesting thoughts as to why she will not do it again. Is the money situation a factor? How will her donors feel about backing a twice-failed candidate? Is she willing to work harder with less money? This is a good analysis of her situation. Read it, please.

As Written By Peter Spiliakos for the National Review:

In his hilarious article on Chelsea Clinton, Kyle Smith writes that Clinton won’t run again because the donor money won’t be there. I look at the donor situation a little differently.

Trump spent less than $13 million in 2015 to set up his campaign. Like Trump, Clinton has universal name recognition and the ability to command enormous amounts of free media attention just by saying anything even remotely interesting. Clinton should be able to raise Trump-in-2015 level money easy. Heck, with all the paid speeches the Clintons have given, they should be able to front the campaign that money.

The problem is that $13 million (or even twice that) would not be enough to allow Clinton to campaign in the style to which she has become accustomed. I doubt that that, four years older, she will want to run a less scripted and more labor-intensive campaign.

I also don’t think that Clinton’s ability to open wallets for herself was her decisive advantage. I think it was more the Clinton machine’s ability to get the big money donors to close their wallets to establishment Democrats who might have wanted to challenge Hillary……..


Hillary Clinton 2020 Presidential Run — Possibly Humiliated in Primaries | National Review

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