Clinton Advisor Calls Trump A Russian Agent And Then It Got Ugly

According to Adam Parkhomenko, a former Hillary Clinton staffer, there is a Russian agent in the White House. Do you know who Mr. Adam Parkhomenko thinks it is? He thinks that President Donald Trump is that Russian. Seriously, that is what he said.

It is just more of the over the top inflammatory rhetoric that keeps spewing from the mouths of those suffering from the Trump Derangement Syndrome. On top of that statement, he wants the powers that be to impeach him now. Get this guy a pillow and lead him to a safe space for the next 7 years.

As Written By Robert Donachie for the Daily Caller:

A former advisor to Hillary Clinton called Trump a Russian “agent” and said those who are in a position to put forth articles of impeachment should do so.

“Russia has an agent in the White House. His name is Donald Trump. This is the United States of America and those in a position to utilize safeguards in place such as the 25th or Impeachment are not defending the constitution and it’s absolutely disgusting,” Adam Parkhomenko tweeted late Saturday evening.

Parkhomenko also said that Americans are long past the point where they should be “buying this guys (Trump’s) bullshit.”



Clinton Advisor: Trump A Russian ‘Agent& | The Daily Caller

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