Clinton Advisor Fearful Dems Will Lose Millennials to the Trump Tax Cuts [Video]

[VIDEO] There are various types of voters and the Democrat Party thought that the Millennials fit into one of their liberal categories. There are those that are motivated to vote primarily on social issues. There are those that vote strictly for ideological values. Then there are those that are economic voters. We all vote in part or in all for all of those issues.

What the Democrats do not want to happen is for the Millennials to be so impressed by the success of the Tax Reform Act that they suddenly see President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in a favorable light. Remember, not even one Democrat voted to take less money from the working citizens in America. You can bet the Republicans will be reminding everyone of that fact.

As Written and Reported By Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire:

At least one prominent Democratic advisor is panicked that if millennials learn they could get to keep more of their money by voting for Republicans, the current Democratic lean among youth voters could evaporate.

Former senior advisor to Hillary Clinton, Phillip Reines, told the Washington Center this week that he worries millennials are more fickle about their vote than they seem and that unlike older generations, millennials could switch their party allegiance over policy.

The most troubling trend he’s found among millennials is that they like to spend their own money, rather than give it to the federal government. And with a big GOP tax break looming on the horizon, Reines believes millennials could be “hoodwinked” into believing the GOP is the better party for financial self-determination.

“I hope Millennials don’t fall into a lull, accepting that this is what it is. … God knows how many of them will see their taxes go down and base it just on that……..


WATCH: Clinton Advisor Worries Millennials Might ‘Turn Republican’ After Tax Cuts | Daily Wire

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