Clinton Appointed Judge BLOCKS Bill and Hillary Deposition Orders and that’s not all

U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks, appointed by Clinton in 1997 has just put a halt on the depositions being requested of Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary. He offers no reason for his ruling.

Furthermore, Clinton attorneys are trying to get the case dropped on account of merit and all discovery halted. Read this report compiled by liberal Politico.

Josh Gerstein for POLITICO writes:

A federal judge has blocked a conservative activist’s plans to force presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton to testify in depositions stemming from a lawsuit claiming the Clinton Foundation operated as a racketeering enterprise shaking down donors in exchange for official favors.

U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks issued an order barring legal gadfly Larry Klayman from proceeding with his plans to conduct videotaped depositions of the Clintons in Washington next week. Middlebrooks’s order, signed Monday and made public Tuesday (posted here), does not offer a reason for the ruling.

Lawyers for the Clintons and for the foundation have asked Middlebrooks to toss out the case and to halt discovery while he considers whether the lawsuit should be dismissed. The Clinton lawyers contend Klayman has a history of filing meritless lawsuits and that he should not be allowed to demand evidence in connection with a case that is likely to be dismissed.


Judge halts depositions for Bill and Hillary Clinton – POLITICO

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