Clinton Diagnosis

Finally we have the diagnosis for the real health problem that Hillary Clinton faces. We have been through a litany of reasons and excuses for the apparent issues with Hillary. We have heard of allergies, speakers cough, over heating, and pneumonia. What is the truth? Is it all of the above? We may never know because the main issue with the Clinton Crime Syndicate is that she is allergic to the truth. If it offends her it will be attacked and demonized until it goes away.  Read more below.

As Written By Laura Ingraham for LifeZette:

Effort to hide her health woes is only latest in long line of Clinton’s concealment’s.

We’ve seen this movie before and we know how it ends. Whenever the Clintons are accused of wrongdoing or unethical conduct, they deny it vigorously, then deflect blame or demonize whoever is asking the questions. They will not relent in this cynical, tedious exercise until or unless physical evidence emerges — or a court order is issued — to vividly and completely contradict their narrative.

We saw it with the Lewinsky scandal — Clinton accused the “vast right wing conspiracy” of ginning up the controversy. We saw it with Benghazi — when Mrs. Clinton blamed a video for causing the terrorist attack she didn’t prevent. We saw it with the private email server she used as secretary of state — when besides lying about almost every salient fact, she went as far as to point a finger at Colin Powell for giving her bum advice.

Now we see the Democratic nominee pull the same predictable stunt again in an effort to stymie questions swirling about her health. In recent weeks, she mocked those concerned with her stamina by appearing on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show on ABC, opening a pickle jar to show her strength.

Her campaign hacks trashed the “alt right” and “mean-spirited” critics who inquired about her physical condition after her repeated and lengthy coughing fits and apparent weakness climbing stairs. When Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani speculated that Mrs. Clinton wasn’t well, the reaction from many “reporters” would have made you think he pushed her down the stairs………. Full Story Continues Here: Hillary’s Allergy to Transparency | LifeZette

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