Clinton Emails: It Looks Like She Was An Architect Of The Benghazi Lie

The White House tale that the Benghazi attacks were caused by a video was a lie. Still unclear was Clinton’s role in fabricating the story. But that’s clearing up now.

Hillary Private Emails Lie


Corruption: The White House’s tale that the Benghazi terrorist attacks were caused by a video was long ago revealed as a lie. Still unclear was Hillary Clinton’s role in fabricating the story. But that’s clearing up now.

On Sept. 16, 2012, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice went on five Sunday TV news shows to explain why a few days earlier attacks on U.S. State Department facilities in Benghazi, Libya, killed four Americans, including our ambassador. It was all just a demonstration provoked by an Internet video that got out of hand, Rice said.

It was a cover-up, of course. Rice was pushing in a re-election year a fiction that the administration believed would do the least amount of damage to President Obama’s campaign.

The administration couldn’t allow itself to admit that things were going poorly in the Middle East after it had been saying progress was being made.

Clinton herself went with the story even though she knew it wasn’t true. But was she merely a cog in the conspiracy to cover up the truth, or one of its planners?

An email from a batch released Monday strongly suggests she was an architect.

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