Clinton Emails Reveal a Fight Between Fed Agencies!

In the latest treasure trove of Clinton State Department emails, there is the revelation of a disagreement between the FBI and the State Department. State Department officials wanted to hold the email back entirely. The FBI seemed to want to classify it and redact it. What was this, a smoking gun?  We may never know.

As Written By Therodore Bunker for Newsmax:

Recently released documents from the FBI’s investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server show a dispute between the FBI and State over a classified email that discusses arrests made after the 2012 Benghazi attacks, Politico reported.

The email, the first on Clinton’s private server to be publicly identified as “SECRET,” prompted an argument from the FBI. Notes attached to the email when it was reviewed in 2015 say it was classified due to concerns about its potential impact on foreign relations. But at least one FBI official thought the message ought to be classified for potentially exposing intelligence “sources and methods.”

“The redaction lists ‘interference with foreign relations as the rationale.’ The crux of States [sic] argument is they know better what will impact foreign relations, and there is no longer a government in place” in…….


Clinton Email Reveals FBI-State Fight Over Benghazi Message

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