Clinton Inc Exposed

The Clinton Global Initiative’s coffers have suddenly dried up. The donations are no longer flowing in as when Hillary was Secretary of State or contending for the office of President. What does this tell you about the real objective of CGI? It was pay to play all along. With no influence comes no money. Always follow the money.

As Written By the Washington Examiner:

The Clinton Foundation has confirmed that it always was what we and many others said it was.

Its latest tax filing declared that the Clinton Global Initiative is closing its offices and sacking 22 staff. This comes amid reports that donations dried up after Hillary Clinton lost the election November 8.

It was always obvious that the Clinton Foundation was not simply a charity. As Hillary’s opponents but also neutral observers discerned, Hillary was a coin-operated policymaker and the Clinton Foundation and CGI were toll collectors for access to her State Department and a future Clinton administration.

The CGI was innovative and quite unlike a normal charity that takes donations and uses them to dole out grants or do good works. Instead, the theory was that it would be the locus of meetings and connections among big business organizations that wanted, for example, to alleviate drought in ……….


Clinton Inc exposed for what it was | Washington Examiner

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