Clinton Relaunch Blocked Reporters, Ignored Foreign Policy AND …..

The tight scripting and heavy security surrounding Hillary Clinton’s Saturday speech lent an air of inevitability to her candidacy — almost as if she were already president.

The National Review, BRENDAN BORDELON Attempts to Report:

Hillary’s Relaunch Quarantined Reporters, Ignored Foreign Policy, and Wowed the Women Who Already Love Her.

After slipping poll numbers and a series of scandals, that’s a feeling the campaign seems eager to recapture. When her online announcement in April failed to produce a surge in support, the Clinton campaign planned an in-person rally, perhaps to revive a sense of destiny and stoke enthusiasm.

Separated from the throng of Clinton supporters, journalists shuffled forward like livestock through a cattle chute, smiling Hillary volunteers watching their every move. Blocked by yellow tape, metal barriers, and security officers, reporters could see — but not speak to — the crowds lined up along the shoreline of New York City’s Roosevelt Island for the Democratic frontrunner’s triumphal campaign relaunch. Black SUVs with tinted windows streamed past checkpoints manned by men in suits, while journalists and supporters ran a gauntlet of airport-style security, complete with metal detectors and police bag checks.


Clinton Relaunch Blocked Reporters and Ignored Foreign Policy | National Review Online



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