Clinton ‘Surrogate Son’ and Loyalist Cuts Ties With Family! Why It Is Significant

They are all jumping ship, but this one is most significant. Read the details below.

As Reported by The New York Post:

Just weeks before Hillary Clinton kicked off her campaign for president on Roosevelt Island, a Clinton family loyalist quietly parted ways with the powerful clan.

Doug Band, a man once so close to President Bill Clinton that he was considered a surrogate son, left the Clinton Foundation, where he had various board appointments, The Post has learned.

Band declined to comment, except to confirm he resigned his position last month. The departure marks the end of a complicated relationship between Band’s controversial consultant corporation, Teneo, and the Clintons.

And while the Clinton Foundation has been under fire for allegedly trading millions of dollars in donations for access to Bill and Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, Teneo’s role is less well-known.

But Teneo played a part in what author Daniel Halper in his 2014 book “Clinton Inc.,” described as a vast money-making machine.


Clinton confidant cuts ties with the formidable family | New York Post

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