Close Encounters of the Obama Kind

When it comes to close encounters of the fighter jet kind, President Obama and his administration get no respect from Russia or China. The latest close encounter in the South China Sea was an international thumbing of the nose at Obama. There is no respect forthcoming. When there is a power vacuum, evil will rise to fill the space. That is what is going on here. There are no red lines drawn in the ocean and not much chance of Russia or China respecting one. Read more below.

Wikimedia-Commons, Public Domain.


As Written By The New York Post Editorial Board:

A Chinese jet fighter last week conducted an “unsafe” intercept of a US spy plane in international airspace over the East China Sea. It’s starting to become a trend — one the Obama administration needs to reverse.

It’s the second such incident in a month — on top of a series of Russian jets repeatedly buzzing US planes and a Navy ship in the Baltic. Beijing and Moscow both seem to think Team Obama can be bullied.

Worse, the Chinese moves directly violate a US-China agreement last September on rules of behavior on air encounters — one that was supposed to reduce tensions.

On top of the real risk of injury from a collision in the latest intercept, China also……

Full Story Here:

Obama needs to make Russia, China stop playing ‘chicken’ with US planes | New York Post

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