CNN Anchor Badgers Candidate About Roy Moore and Gets SHUT DOWN [Video]

[VIDEO] This CNN Anchor badgered retired Colonel Lee Busby and tried her level best to get an attack registered against Judge Roy Moore. Alisyn Camerota did her level best to get Mr. Busby to take a cue from her and take a shot at the Judge. It did not happen and something else happened instead. You can watch the put down in the video.

Camerota cannot catch the idea that Busby is not running against Judge Moore due to the sexual allegations against the Judge. 

As Written By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota tried to badger Col. Lee Busby, who is running as an Independent write-in candidate for the Alabama Senate seat, into making a judgment on the sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore.

Busby refused to engage in a conversation about the allegations, and instead steered the conversation back to his own reasons for running for Senate.

“How much did the accusations against Roy Moore … play into your decision [to run]?” Camerota asked2.

“Not at all, not interested in it, wasn’t gonna vote for him before that,” Busby asserted. “My decision to run was not driven by that.”

Camerota continued to press Busby, and he explained that he has no way of knowing whether or not the accusations are true and had no interest in trying to get involved in that narrative.

“Look, I hear you — it’s unpleasant,” Camerota said. “But, how can you steer clear of it? I mean, this has become the issue of this race……


CNN Anchor Badgers Candidate About Moore | The Daily Caller

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