CNN, Bless Their Hearts, Just Could Not Contain Themselves [Video]

Given the height of the atrocity that was the Las Vegas massacre, you would think that even CNN would be able to curtail their tongues for at least one day. That was not possible for reporter Jeff Zeleny in an interview on Monday. Mr. Zeleny speculated that most of those in attendance at the Country and Western performance were in all likelihood, Trump Supporters.

Now, why did he go there? One could speculate that he may have meant that it was a good thing that there were not many Hillary supporters there. He could also be thought to be implying that it was a good thing that some Trump supporters were eliminated. He could have just been voicing what many of us were already thinking.

If this venue was targeted due to the composition of those in attendance, and it seems that way, then this is a whole nother subject. There was a lot of planning that went into this attack. Fully automatic firing weapons are illegal and extremely difficult and expensive to come by. All the weaponry had to be moved into place. The place and rooms were picked out with much forethought. Who is behind this? ISIS? ANTIFA? The world is wondering right now.

As Written By Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire:

CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny appeared to suggest in an interview Monday that many of the victims of Sunday night’s Las Vegas mass shooting were Trump supporters.

Zeleny made the bizarre observation after noting that President Trump’s morning press conference about the situation in Las Vegas was “pitch perfect.” He went on to say that it was worth it, however, to “keep in mind” that there is significant crossover between Trump supporters and country music fans.

“Something else I think to keep in mind, a lot of these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters,” Zeleny said.

“This is something that of course is hitting the tapestry of all Americans, and there are going to be victims from …….


WATCH: CNN Reporter Bizarrely Reminds Viewers That Country Music Fans Are ‘Likely Trump Supporters’ | Daily Wire

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