CNN Investigative Team Yanked From Trump Story!

CNN has taken a beating from President Donald Trump over their Fake News efforts since he took office. They are quite sensitive about that nowadays. They had a “Fake News Investigative Team” that went down in flames trying to tie President Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian investment bank under Senate sanctions. That team, lead by Pulitzer finalist Thomas Frank, has effectively been fired. Even if they find a Russian in the President’s bedroom, they will not be reporting on it. That is not the only error they made this year as you will read in this article. Remeber Kathy Griffith? The beheading of the President? That is mentioned in here as well.

As Written by Jack Crowe for the Daily Caller:

CNN executives explicitly told their investigative team to stop looking into potential ties between the Trump administration and Russia following a series of high profile reporting errors led that to the resignation of three journalists in June.

Executives transferred all reporting duties associated with the Trump-Russia narrative to CNN’s Washington, D.C. team in the wake of a retracted June report, members of the CNN staff told The New York Times.

The report in question was removed from CNN’s website after the network admitted it could not stand by information that tied then Trump advisor Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian investment bank under Senate sanctions.

CNN’s president, Jeffrey A. Zucker led an investigation into the mishap and found that the story, written by Pulitzer finalist Thomas Frank, was published over the concerns of CNN’s legal team. The investigation revealed that key aspects of Frank’s reporting were based on one source, who expressed trepidation with how the information was presented before the story went to print, a fact Frank failed to relay to his colleagues……..

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