CNN Mocks Hillary Clinton [Video]

A lot of focus has been put on Hillary Clinton’s new book, almost solely negatively. In it, she discusses her view of the debate with Donald Trump and how “creepy” she found it, a possible divorce from her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and many other things. A lot of memes and jokes have been made at her expense due to this book and now even liberal-fake-news-machine CNN is getting in on the fun. Specifically, they’re mocking her book tour taking a trip to Wisconsin and Michigan… both states she actually ignored during her presidential campaign in 2016.

Check out the video below for CNN mocking Clinton, and in the meantime here are some quotes about the possibility of divorcing her husband:

“I heard it again on the 2016 campaign … it’s just a marriage on paper now,” she writes.

She also writes, “There were times that I was deeply unsure about whether our marriage could or should survive.”

“But on those days, I asked myself the questions that mattered to me: Do I still love him? And can I still be in this marriage without becoming unrecognizable to myself–twisted by anger, resentment, or remoteness? The answers were always yes.”

As Written by Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire:

CNN mocked failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday for visiting Wisconsin and Michigan on her book tour — states that she ignored during the presidential election which ultimately cost her the election.

CNN’s John King mocked Hillary Clinton Wednesday on Inside Politics for visiting the very states she ignored during the 2016 election.

“Is it snarky to raise this question? On her book tour, she’s going to Michigan and Wisconsin, really?” King asked as he tried not to laugh.

“Really? Really?” he asked before finally laughing……..


WATCH: CNN Mocks Hillary For Visiting States On Book Tour She Ignored During Election | Daily Wire

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