CNN reporter absolutely NAILS IT in his diagnoses of the problem with the mainstream media [Video]

Dylan Byers is a member of the media and makes his living at CNN. You might be tempted to call him a professional, but there would be a lot of pushback from our President. In this case, however, Mr. Byers is apparently in agreement with Mr. Trump. The media has not been fair and balanced, all claims to the contrary. If you are a conservative, you have been placed on ignore by the mainstream media. 

As Written By Chris Enloe for The Blaze: 

One of President Donald Trump’s biggest complaints during last year’s presidential election, one that has followed him into the White House, was his belief that the mainstream media was biased against him. He even created the moniker “fake news media,” which he still uses to refer to the press.

And according to CNN media reporter Dylan Byers, there is likely some truth to Trump’s sentiment, which is shared by a large majority on the conservative end of the political spectrum.

Though he didn’t outright concede that the mainstream press is biased against Trump, Byers admitted on CNN last Friday that the media has a tendency to ignore the stories of conservative Americans while reporting the “arc of history” from a progressive point of view.

Byers, who has long reported on and analyzed the media, explained that many in the news industry are trying to bridge the gap that exists between the press and “conservatives that don’t trust the media.”


Watch: CNN reporter diagnoses problem with the mainstream media — and he absolutely nails it – TheBlaze



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