CNN Reporter Shocked When Bubble Busted!

CNN Reporter Nick Valencia just received a rude awakening. Apparently, Mr. Valencia had no idea that the media company he represents could be found to be so reprehensible in the great State of Texas. Welcome to reality, Mr. Valencia. Maybe, like this article does, you need to analyze the reason your presence was met with such acrimony on the tarmac as President trump arrived. The word has preceded you on what the thoughts of your network are about the culture of the South and of Texicans. What did you expect to find in Texas? Were they supposed to be a bunch of rubes that would fawn over your questions and reporting? Just remember who it is that denigrates who on a daily basis.

As Written By John Nolte for Breitbart: 

The bubble is real. The bubble explains so much. You need not live in DC or New York or Los Angeles to be bubbled. Out here in the wilds of North Carolina, you can still lose touch. Just stay online, watch cable news and monitor Twitter. This will completely warp your view of the way things really are.

I know this because it has happened to me. But never, not once, have I ever been so bubbled that I was unaware of just how much America freakin’ hates CNN. With that in mind, try to imagine just how out-of-touch CNN correspondent Nick Valencia is:

*covers mouth to hold back burst of laughter* CNN dude is shocked to discover everyone hates CNN! *laughter bursts forth*

Awwww, is the little CNN snowflake gonna…….


CNN Reporter Exits Bubble, Discovers Just How Much Texas Hates CNN

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