CNN Spread Misinformation Today on the Russian Dossier [Video]

You would think that by now that CNN would know that anytime that misinformation is broadcast on their network, it will be seen as Fake News. This occurrence is all about the Russian-Trump dossier and who paid for it. 

There have been stories that some unnamed Republican first approached the research outfit, Fusion GPS, to do background on then-candidate Donald Trump. That seems to be a pretty normal occurrence in politics these days. Supposedly, everybody does it.

At some point, that contract for background information expired. Here is where the Fake News comes into play. Wolf Blitzer was giving his coverage on the Russian dossier and its financing. While he was talking a banner displayed indicating that a Republican help to pay for the Russian dossier.That is where the fake news comes on board. CNN keeps getting the details wrong.

As Written By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

CNN spread misinformation to its viewers Friday when a chyron on Wolf Blitzer’s show claimed that an anti-Trump Republican helped fund the Russian dossier.

Reporting on the dossier tells us that a Republican was the first to pay Fusion GPS for opposition research, but that donor was out of the picture by the time Fusion contracted with Christopher Steele to create the dossier.

Host Wolf Blitzer said that a Republican “first established contact” with Fusion GPS, which is correct based on current reports, but the chyron floating below him during the interview claimed that Republican was also behind funding for the dossier.

“Who’s the anti-Trump Republican who helped fund the dossier?” the chyron misleadingly asks.

Again, Christopher Steele and the dossier did not become a part of the Fusion GPS situation until that Republican ended their contract and the…..


CNN Spreads Fake News On Russian Dossier | The Daily Caller

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