CNN’s Chris Cuomo Finally ‘Loses It’ [Video]

This “white supremacist” thing that is being pushed around by the Left is exactly what the liberal mainstream media clearly needed to help them perhaps regain some clout with their viewer and readership. It’s being pushed really hard by them and a huge amount of focus is being put on it.

While I don’t agree with the “white nationalists” message, it’s clear that with all the blatant lies CNN has pushed has cost them a lot of viewership, with some stating that Nike at Night reruns have had better ratings as of late. Perhaps they are hoping, due to the generally perceived and accepted evil nature of white supremacists they hope to regain your trust.

Chris Cuomo, however, may have went a little far when he stated that the “extreme right” (another way of saying “white nationalists”) were the number one domestic terror threat in the United States… What do you think?

As Written By Rick Givas for the Daily Caller:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo labeled the “extreme right” as “the number one domestic terror threat in the U.S.” Thursday while co-hosting “New Day.”

“If you take anarchists at their worst, do you have malefactor? Do you have criminals in their ranks? Do you have people who do violent things? Yes, yes, yes, yes. That is not a moral equivalency to the KKK,” Cuomo said. “It’s certainly not an equivalent to what we see on the right. Just look at the stats. The number one domestic terror threat in the U.S. is the extreme right. There is not even a close second.”

“That’s all they’re about is hate. Two out of three people on this panel they don’t want to exist!”

Cuomo was speaking with CNN commentator Bob Ferguson, whom he accused of trying to equate groups like Antifa with the KKK. Ferguson defended his position and said people must realize violence and chaos doesn’t stop with white supremacy groups…….


Cuomo: Extreme Right Is #1 Terror Threat | The Daily Caller

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