CNN’s Jake Tapper Throwing Stones From His Glass Mansion

It is a key strategy for the left to accuse others of what it is guilty of, such as extremist rhetoric. That is the path taken by CNN’s anchor Jake Trapper. He is claiming that all the divisive coverage of issues is that dreadful network of FOX News. Tapper has been guilty of some of the vilest hit pieces that were directed against President Donald Trump. He is an avid producer of fake news and will stop at nothing to oppose Trump. Jake suffers from a very bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrom. 

As Written and Reported By John Nolte for Breitbart:

CNN’s embattled  afternoon anchor Jake Tapper has spent much of the last few days defending Robert Mueller’s increasingly tainted investigation into President Trump. But when he attacked Fox News over “extremist rhetoric,” Tapper was undoubtedly hoping we all forgot about the dangerous rhetoric he himself has been guilty of hurling for years.

On top of his pathological lying about Trump, the left-wing Tapper often uses what I call “assassination dogwhistles” against the president. What I mean is that the rhetoric is intentionally meant to not only enflame hatred against Trump, but to justify action against him — to portray Trump as such a unique danger to America that taking him out in some way can only be seen as a heroic act of patriotism.

At various times, Tapper has publicly described Trump, the man with his finger on the nuclear button, as dangerously “unmoored,” disturbingly “unhinged,” and worst of all, outright “un-American.”

Tapper is also the reporter who also told the world about the now-discredited Russian dossier, a document that we now know was funded in part — and to the tune of millions — by both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the very same FBI Tapper is so desperate to protect……


Jake Tapper Blasts Fox News over ‘Extremist Rhetoric’ that Pales Compared to His Own

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