Col. Allen West’s Old School Patriot Memo: “The New Sheriff in Town”

There is no doubt that President Trump is the new Sheriff in town and China and North Korea have both taken note of it. President Donald Trump is something that they are not used to. Suddenly, the Unted States is no longer passive in international relations. there is an assertive approach by our President to world events. America now has its voice back. here is how Allen West views the subject.

As Written By Colonel Allen West:

If you read the NY Times or tune into CNN you would believe that Kim Jong UN is some masterful diplomat. It is just the same as when the liberal progressive media went schoolboy crush over Kim Jong UN’s sister at the Winter Olympics. You remember, the North Korean Minister of Propaganda, in essence, the modern version of Nazi Germany’s Joseph Goebbels.

Yes, Kim Jong Un secretly, first time since he became the hermit kingdom leader in 2011, left North Korea and had a visit with China’s Xi Jinping. Of course, this is supposed to represent his outmaneuvering South Korea and the United States, according to the liberal progressive left. I see it completely differently, as anyone with common sense does, there is a new Sheriff in town. Under Barack Obama, North Korea, and China, were able to do as they wish under Obama’s policy of “strategic patience”…no more.

As reported by Fox News:

“The mysterious meeting Kim Jong Un was summoned to in Beijing this week likely saw China’s president remind the North Korean dictator who his real patron is ahead of talks with the U.S., according to experts. Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, made a surprise visit to Beijing on Monday, arriving on a mysterious green train that sparked rumors the North Korean first family was in China. The trip was planned in the weeks after President Trump announced he had accepted the despot’s invitation to meet by May, Yun Sun, who runs the East Asia program and the China Program at the Stimson Center, told Fox News.

“We know that China has rejected a request for a visit by North Korea in the last six years,” Yun Sun told Fox News on Wednesday. “It has not happened up until this point. What has changed is that this trip happened relatively quickly, after Kim reached out to Trump.”

Sun said that, after the stunning announcement of a U.S.-North Korea summit, China likely demanded an explanation about why it was left out of the talks, developing anxiety the U.S. and North Korea were engaging in secrete dialogue. She said the March 9 announcement was a major “catalyst” for China inviting North Korea to Beijing.

“If you look at the tactical level, the Chinese did not want to invite Kim to Beijing,” Sun said. “Based on that technical aspect, North Korea was successful in getting an upper hand over China.”

This visit by Kim Jong Un was not some brilliant strategic move, it was Dad telling the wayward Son, do not screw this up. As well, Dad telling the Son, who gave you permission to do this? China as well as realizing that there is a new Sheriff in town that will not lay down and take the theft of our intellectual property, the cyber attacks, trade imbalance, and the military expansions into international and sovereign seas. For so many years China has kept North Korea at a far arm’s length but now they are both feeling this pressure.

However, what needs to happen now is that more economic pressures should be lined up against North Korea, and China. As well, since Xi Jinping has decided to formally align himself with a brutal dictator who starves and murders his own people, he should feel the consequences. China has aligned itself with a North Korea who illegally arrested, charged, tried, convicted, tortured, and murdered an American citizen, Otto Warmbier. We should now turn to the United Nations and pressure them to sanction China and remove China from the UN Security Council. They can no longer sit on this council knowing that they openly embrace and support a brutal dictatorship.

Of course, the progressive socialist left is all up in arms about John Bolton being named the National Security Adviser. They are once again parading the false narrative that we are about to go to war with North Korea. I guess they failed to realize that we have always been in a state of war with North Korea, we just have an armistice signed, not a formal end to the Korean War. And perhaps we should never forget that it was Kim Jong Un and North Korea that sunk a South Korean naval vessel and fired an artillery barrage on a South Korean village. Of course, there was no response to this naked aggression.

This is why we need a credible military deterrent. That sends a message to the crazed leader of North Korea. We must leverage all elements of our national power against North Korea, and a military element is of last resort.

Former Obama national security adviser, and now Netflix star, Susan Rice wrote in the NY Times that we needed to learn to live with a nuclear North Korea…typical. The major difference is that Kim Jong Un is an unstable individual and the MAD Theory (Mutually Assured Destruction) that existed with the old Soviet Union is invalid with North Korea, or the Ayatollahs of Iran. And there is also another of Barack Obama’s foreign policy blunders, faux pas.

China and North Korea and nervous about the new Sheriff in town, and so is the left in America. The liberal progressive leftists are ashamed of American strength, resolve, commitment, and courage. The Obamabots embrace a philosophy of American weakness is better for global security. The truth is the complete opposite. No, I do not advocate for our being the global police force. I do not concur with the philosophy of using our military for nation building. What I do know, after being in some hellish places in the world is that peace is attained by strength, and weakness is enticing to a Machiavellian type leader.

This week, China and North Korea showed that they are concerned about a muscular America…and it is about time!

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