Comey’s new $100,000-per-year job at Howard University just get off to a pretty rough start [Video]

It appears Social Justice Warriors and the Black Lives Matter organization, are in charge of suppressing free speech at Howard University. That was the experience that former FBI Director James Comey just experienced while trying to give a keynote speech. That made Mr. Comey’s new $100,000-per-year job at Howard University get off to a pretty rough start. If that is the reception that he gets for speaking, what will be the results when he starts teaching or professing or whatever it is he will do for that large sum of money. You got to hand it to him, he did a liberals heart’s worth of spinning trying to make the best of the situation. You can read his comments below.

As Written By Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire:

Former FBI Director James Comey’s new $100,000-per-year job at Howard University didn’t exactly get off to a great start today, as Howard students protested the event and shouted down Comey’s convocation speech.

As Comey made a valiant effort to deliver his keynote address, students shouted “no justice, no peace!” and “”white supremacy is not a debate!” and sung “We Will Not Be Moved,” forcing Comey to stand silent for nearly 15 minutes.

Outside the hall, a crush of protesters pressed against the auditorium doors, chanting “get out James Comey, you’re not our homie!” and reading aloud a list of names the protesters claimed belong to young African-American men gunned down by the Department of …..



Howard University Students Protest Former FBI Director James Comey’s Keynote Speech | Daily Wire

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