Comic Con Founder Brags About Banning Kevin Sorbo Over His Faith and Politics

[Video interview] Comic Con founder Cliff Galbraith is one of those vengeful type liberals. if he has the power, he will wield it against anyone with a conservative viewpoint. If you fold Christianity and Donald Trump into it, things get even worse. The target of his latest liberal wrath is Christian and friend of President Trump, Kevin Sorbo. What is really revealed here is how this movement is really caught up in all the alt-left rhetoric. As the left preaches tolerance, they practice the most repressive forms of intolerance. This is worth the listen. 

As Written and Reported By Ian Miles Cheong for the Daily Caller:

The lead promoter and founder of East Coast Comicon, Cliff Galbraith, bragged on social media about banning Christian conservative actor Kevin Sorbo from the upcoming geek convention in New Jersey because of the actor’s friendship with Sean Hannity.

“I turned down Kevin Sorbo for East Coast Comicon,” organizer Galbraith wrote on Facebook over the weekend. “He’s pals with Sean Hannity. Just can’t do it.”

As with video games, YA literature, and tech, the comic book and nerd culture convention circuit has become progressively left-leaning over the past few years–and East Coast Comicon is no exception. Its founder, Cliff Galbraith, advertised last year’s event with a comic art poster featuring the Statue of Liberty wrapped in terms like “homophobia,” “misogyny,” “racism,” “xenophobia,” “voter suppression,” and more–as highlighted by YouTuber Reality Talk Reviews.

The comic convention isn’t small fries. In 2017, Galbraith managed to sign actor Danny Trejo and high-profile comic book talent from Marvel Comics.

Galbraith’s post announcing his intent to deny Sorbo a spot at the event received multiple replies urging him to ban other right-wing celebrities, with one …….


Comic Con Bans Kevin Sorbo Over Politics | The Daily Caller

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