Coming to a Church Near You?

Mark Van Steenwyk, a “Christian writer,” thinks that alt-left parishioners should “Take the Politics of Disruption to Church.”  Progressive Christians are encouraged to take an ax to the roof of the Church. Conservative Christians are the root of all evil. His vision is to seize all churches for political use. Strange, as he is an anarchist. Read this horrifying logic here.
As Written By Paul Crookston for the National Review:

Your neighborhood church might seem like the wrong place for a political demonstration, but one Christian writer believes that greater politicization is just what “imperialist” houses of worship need. In an article for Sojourners titled “Take the Politics of Disruption to Church,” Mark Van Steenwyk argues that left-wing parishioners should attempt hostile takeovers of local churches on the grounds that “Christian supremacy has been the justification for the deepest of our national sins.”

In Van Steenwyk’s understanding, the election of Donald Trump constitutes a clarion call to all true Christians to finally “take an ax to the root” of America’s problems: the church. “Trumpian neo-fascism is simply the latest fruit from a much older tree,” he writes. “The worst imperial impulses of the United States of America find their root in a form of Christianity that legitimizes militarism, economic exploitation, racism, and sexism.” As a self-described “Mennonite anarchist,” Van Steenwyk thinks that “disruption” — e.g., the stopping of interstate traffic by Black Lives Matter activists — is the only way to reason with souls that are blinkered not only by conservative Christianity, but by a progressive Christianity that is not strident….

There is more, keep reading here:

Mark Van Steenwyk: Protest ‘Imperial,’ ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ Churches | National Review

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