COMMON CORE is rotten to the core | Written by Allen West

Written by Allen West

Last week I attended the Constitutional Coalition Education Policy Conference in St. Louis on the issue of Common Core. Let me explain, I support standards in education but I do not support top down government-driven standards. Our American children are unique in many ways, and to believe we can have a common direction for all our children is ludicrous and actually dangerous — in fact, it is socialist.

There is a reason why we have local school boards, but what I see happening is a usurpation of the ability of parents and local communities to take the lead in educating their children. Also, Common Core was not developed as legislation to be debated in committee and on the House and Senate floors, it was done by bureaucratic fiat. And no, I did not agree with No Child Left Behind.

Common Core is the manifestation of the collectivist progressive mindset. It treats every student exactly the same way at exactly the same pace. It is the culmination of what progressives began in the late 1970s with the creation of the Department of Education. Their end game is to establish complete federal control of what our children are taught in school – effectively eliminating local control of curricula. It’s a one-size-fits-all, top-down, national curriculum for all K-12 students – and not just those in public school — homeschoolers and private and religious schools will be affected as well.


Common Core is rotten to the core | Allen B. West –


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