COMMON CORE: Sen. Lamar Alexander’s continued attempts to change the subject

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Under increasing pressure because of his support for the Common Core standards, Sen. Lamar Alexander said Saturday, “Let’s don’t talk about Common Core.”

“Let’s talk about standards,” Alexander continued. “Education is not just a problem in West Tennessee. It’s a problem in Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee.”

As the Jackson Sun reported, Alexander said, “I’d like to see a discussion about standards with no national school board,” continuing to cite an issue called the “national school board” that has never been put forward on either the federal or state level.

Alexander is being challenged by conservative state Rep. Joe Carr (R) for his U.S. Senate seat.

“Unfortunately for Senator Alexander, our campaign and grassroots conservatives throughout Tennessee are going to continue to talk about – and continue to fight against – Common Core,” said Carr in a press release. “His increasingly nonsensical attempts to change the subject won’t work and won’t fool a single voter.”

“Just like Obamacare, Common Core is Washington telling us what to do, and Senator Alexander is once again saying one thing and doing something else,” Carr added. “We want local control over how we teach our children, not uniform standards dictated by education bureaucrats.”




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