Congress DEMANDS IRS turn over all emails that gave private taxpayer info to White House

Congress DEMANDS IRS turn over all emails.

Two top congressional chairmen demanded Wednesday that the IRS turn over all its emails that might have given private taxpayer information to the White House, after President Obama’s lawyer last week passed the buck to the tax agency, insisting they would be able to search for the emails.

The IRS last year had claimed it didn’t have the technological ability to search for those emails, so Senate Finance Chairman Orrin G. Hatch and House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan went to the White House for them. In letters last month White House lawyer W. Neil Eggleston declined, saying he was certain the IRS would be able to respond.

So the two lawmakers went back to the tax agency in a letter Wednesday, saying it’s up to them to comply.

“In light of the White House counsel’s refusal to comply with our request, we ask that you provide the documents — originally requested in April of last year — without delay,” the chairmen said.

The IRS is allowed to share private taxpayer information with the White House, but the president must personally approve the request.

The committees want to know how well that process is working, so they requested the emails as part of their oversight duties.


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