Congress Gets An Obama Flip-Flop In Their Favor?

Reality has a way of overcoming your best intentions. That is even more true when you intentions fail to take into account the real world situations. It’s even harder when your budget decisions were solely based upon nothing but agenda. It appears that the blinders are now coming off, and Congress has been justified their approach to Defense Department budget needs.

The administration will push for some of the same weapons it had earlier dismissed as not needed.

Just three months ago, President Barack Obama blasted lawmakers for pumping billions of dollars into weapons the Pentagon hadn’t requested.

Now his administration is touting some of those same weapons as crucial for combating the Islamic State and for deterring a rising China and a resurgent Russia.

The turnabout is causing a major credibility problem for the Defense Department ahead of Tuesday’s release of the president’s new budget proposal, key lawmakers told POLITICO. Republican defense hawks spent the last year opposing the department’s efforts to retire the aging A-10 Warthog attack jet and stop buying Tomahawk missiles and F-18 Super Hornet fighters — the very weapons getting praise now from Defense Secretary Ash Carter.


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