Congress should #releasethememo, as they say on Russian Twitter

The fallacy that the Russian Bots are pushing the #Releasethememo hashtag on social media is laughable. What is not laughable is the number of secrets and implied events (lies) that are also out there. Take a sardonic look at all the issues that are swirling around both sides of the aisle. If all of these questions get answers, there will be a vast draining of the swamp. Look for more than just the FISA memo.

As Written and Reported By Eli Lake for Bloomberg:

I agree with the Kremlin. Congress should #releasethememo, as they say on Russian Twitter. Vladimir Putin is dead wrong on Olympic drug testing, Crimean independence and Syrian genocide. But his bots have a point when it comes to the House Intelligence Committee.

For the uninitiated, Republican staff members on that committee drafted a summary of material turned over from the FBI and Department of Justice. This document reportedly alleges abuses in how the government wire-tapped Donald Trump’s associates. Republican members who have seen the memo have told reporters it’s worse than Watergate.

The committee’s Democrats tell us not to believe them. They asked Twitter to investigate whether an army of Russian trolls helped promote the popular #releasethememo hash tag. They have drafted their own classified memo to counter the Republican one. All of this, they say, is just an effort to discredit the real investigation into Russian collusion.

So how do we find out who’s telling the truth? Release both memos. I suspect we won’t find evidence an American STASI took over the J. Edgar Hoover building. But Republicans have a point that there has been a lot of selective leaking about this probe for more than a year. Put the facts on the record and let the public decide.


Russian Bots Are Right: #Releasethememo – Bloomberg


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