Congressman Allen West ‘s Weekly Wrap up 10/10/11

Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, it is time again for our weekly update report. We are in the month of October and I first want to say I hope the Jewish community had a deep and meaningful Yom Kippur.  To our American-Italian community, I  wish you all a happy Columbus Day.

As we enter October, the Budget Control Act of 2011 mandates that we shall have a House and Senate vote on a balanced budget amendment before the end of the year. It has been almost 16 years since we had a vote on this important amendment. The last time this happened, the amendment to our Constitution fell one vote short in the Senate and precluded it going to the states for ratification.

With every speech from the President, it becomes more evident that there is an incredible ideological divide in our nation’s capital and across America. There are those who truly embrace the misguided theory and belief that government creates wealth and jobs. These are the same people who promote the growth of the bureaucratic nanny-state and a centrally planned and executed economy.

We are still suffering from the first stimulus package, which left the American people with unfilled promises, yet these individuals believe another “mini-me” stimulus is the right medicine. Obviously they failed to learn from Japan’s venture into stimulus spending in the 1990’s.

We keep hearing the liberal progressives ask, “Where is your plan?” My response is that my plan is to trust the American people- the job creators, the small business owners and the American entrepreneurial spirit. My plan is to create tax and regulatory policies that will promote long term economic and job growth in America, which is exactly what is sitting on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk.

Instead of blaming House Republicans, the President should ask why Senator Harry Reid recently stated,  regarding the Jobs Bill, “right now is a relative term.” Perhaps the President should further ask why he does not have a single Democrat cosponsor of his legislation in the House of Representatives.

Seems to me this is déjà vu of the 0-97 vote on President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget that took place this last summer.

The September jobs report reminds us we are in a state of stagnation and the solution is with the American people, not in Washington. We learned this week that we now have 48.5% of Americans on some form of government aid. We are creating victims and growing a dependency class in America, which is anathema to the flame that is America.

I truly believe President Barack Obama does not comprehend American exceptionalism. He does not fathom that in America the station of your birth does not determine the station of your outcome. America is not about class or caste, it is about rewarding individuals for their drive and determination, for their hard work and ideas.

America is about the individual and not about a collective. We are not like “The Borg” of Star Trek.

Liberal progressives do not want to unleash our individual strength, they prefer to foment collective divisiveness, which is exactly what this  “Occupy Wall Street” movement is about.

Never forget that every time in the history of the world that a national leader has demagogued and demonized a targeted segment of society, it has ended up horribly for that country.

In closing, this past week we remember the 10th Anniversary of the commencement of combat operations in Afghanistan. I had the privilege of serving two and a half years in Afghanistan as a civilian-military advisor to the Afghan Army. This past summer I returned to Afghanistan as part of a Congressional delegation. We have not had perfect execution in this theater of operation, but no war is ever perfect. However, we have been successful in denying a sanctuary to the radical Islamic terrorist enemy. We must now move away from nation building occupation – style warfare and capitalize on our strategic and operational mobility.  This will allow us to conduct more enemy-oriented strike operations and utilize the full arsenal of our lethal and non-lethal assets. For more on my thoughts, please read my entire statement on the 10th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan, here.

As we reflect on Afghanistan, let us not forget the new “Greatest Generation” of American heroes- our men and women who, regardless of our strategic blunders, always answer the call to arms.

Steadfast and Loyal,


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