Congressman Allen West Weekly Wrap Up, Legislative Low Down and District Highlights

Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans.  As I sit here writing this, I am recovering from the soreness of running the ING Miami Half-Marathon Sunday.   I finished respectfully around 2 hrs, 7 mins and really hit a wall at 10 miles- photo here. It was great to be out with some 25,000 runners trekking across Biscayne Bay, South Beach and Miami. With my hectic Congressional schedule, it is definitely difficult to get in the long distance training runs like I once was able. I just have to face the truth, getting older and I just do not have the speed I once did!
This past week was certainly highlighted by the President’s State of the Union Address. I can actually sum it up with one simple quote: “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money”- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America.

As I sat in the chamber of the House of Representatives taking notes on the speech, it came to my attention that President Obama seeks to bribe the American people with more largesse from the public treasury. He obviously will not recognize that these types of fiscal policies will be the detriment of our beloved Republic.  Never was there a mention in the State of the Union of our growing federal debt which for the first time since World War II is greater than our GDP. It is a debt which the President must confess responsibility for increasing under his watch. Americans can more easily accept mistakes and failure, if someone steps up and accepts responsibility. We believe in redemption as a Judeo-Christian Nation.  However, the rhetoric of divisiveness and envy is an indicator of a lack of accepting responsibility of failure.   There wasn’t any talk during his State of the Union of how we can reduce the three straight years of record setting trillion dollar plus deficits. As a basis of comparison, President George W. Bush’s largest annual deficit came in 2008 (Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were the leadership in the United States Congress) and it was $500 billion.

The President’s State of the Union also did not address the almost trillion dollar stimulus which was supposed to keep unemployment under eight percent and according to Obama Administration estimates, would currently be at 6.5 percent.   We heard nothing about the healthcare law which is falling apart, and how  the costs of our small business insurance premiums have risen.

Lastly, I noticed the President avoided the topic of Dodd-Frank in his  State of the Union, probably because one would have to admit it is killing our small financial institutions and precluding them from lending to our small business entrepreneurs.  We must return to the Glass-Steagall Act to restore financial institution responsibility.

As I entered the chamber of the House of Representative that night, I had such expectation and hope, that maybe, just maybe, the President’ sense of being an American would override his personal far left liberal ideology. Somewhere down inside I had hope that we would hear a President that understood that American exceptionalism does not come from Washington D.C., but rather it is a unique trait born into every American, and assimilated into all those who come to our shores.

I hoped that President Obama would come to accept and empower the ideal of an indomitable American will and spirit which makes us the greatest nation the world has ever known.   President Ronald Reagan recognized and embodied that American spirit and that is why a comparative analysis shows he had an average 6.4 percent GDP growth at this time in his Presidency. President Obama has a 2.4 percent GDP growth.

The Republican led House of Representatives has passed 30 pieces of job creating policy legislation. See more here.  Twenty-seven of them sit on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk. Most of these pieces of legislation directly address the challenges President Obama articulated in his State of the Union. The fact that
the following day President Obama took off to several critical western states for his reelection campaign says it all.

President Obama called this speech, “An Economy Built to Last.”  I also want an economy built to last; however, not based on the foundation that President Obama says he is building on.

In closing,  the Republican Florida Primary will finally be upon us tomorrow and it is my wish that our candidates would view the movie “Gladiator.” In the scene when they first stood in the Coliseum, the character Maximus stated: “Whatever comes out of that gate, if we all fight together we shall survive.” Our Republican candidates must “together” make the moral argument to the American people of the detrimental effect of President Obama’s failed policies.  We need to let the people make the decision as to who is best to be our Gladiator to enter the arena.   Always remember, the contrast of  vision is simple.  Ask yourself,  Is America a country of equality of opportunity (Economic Freedom) or equality of achievement (Economic Dependency)?

Steadfast and Loyal,

Legislative Update: The House only had one day of legislative activity this past week, Wednesday. The House paid tribute to our colleague, Arizona Representative Gabriel Giffords, and passed her piece of legislation as she bid farewell by turning in her resignation. We all wish her well on her long recovery and honor her service to our nation.

Highlights of the Week:

– Monday, 23 January, participated in the first ever Conservative Black Forum on Capitol Hill, event was filmed in its entirety by CSPAN….be on the alert for the next forum. If you would like to watch the forum, you can see it on the front of my website, here. Spoke at the March for Life Rally and was just blown away at the amount of young Americans who were there. We must protect the life of our unborn Americans, my speech here. One has to ask themselves, what type of person would support a law stating that an American child surviving an abortion must be killed?

– Tuesday, 24 January, most ominous was that this was the 1000th day without the United States Senate having passed a budget… something else not mentioned by the President at the State of the Union. In keeping with fiscal responsibility, we had a House Armed Services Committee briefing on Department of Defense financial improvement and audit readiness efforts. Participated in a Frank Luntz focus group session and it was great to appear before Americans and articulate a Constitutional conservative vision for America. Was present in the House Chamber for the State of the Union.

– Wednesday, 25 January, House Armed Services Committee classified full committee hearing on Middle East operations and intelligence. I have major concerns about the direction of Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood legislative direction. Addressed students from Miami of Ohio University on a plethora of issues facing our Republic- see great pictures here.

– Thursday, 26 January, flew back to South Florida and conducted several District meetings with Constituents.

– Saturday, 28 January, attended the Palm Beach County Lincoln Day dinner, and delivered a speech to the gathered audience.

– Sunday, 29 January, ran the 10th Annual ING Miami Half-Marathon and made my first appearance, live, on CBS Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer from Biscayne Bay. If you would like to watch the my appearance on Face the Nation please watch at approximately 24 minutes in, click here.

– Monday, 30 January, participated in a Transportation and Infrastructure field hearing here in South Florida on Cuban offshore oil drilling and the response to a potential oil disaster to the beaches of South Florida. See pictures here.


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