Conservative News Is About To Become Obsolete

Facebook is now running with a new feature that will determine just what constitutes a trustworthy news source. Just by looking at the alignment of who is involved in determining that will show you where this is going. There is already empirical data to show just what the impact is already. Liberal news outlets have seen an overall increase of coverage of about 2%. Conservative news outlets are down an amazing 14%. What is really disturbing is a remark by Mark Zuckerberg. He said; “We feel like we have a responsibility to further [break] down polarization and find common ground.” What breaking down polarization means is turning Facebook into a single player news source. There will be only one voice. Hell, in the good old days we at least had 3 news networks.

As Written and Reported By Paul Bois for the Daily Wire:

Fresh off his congressional testimony, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is showing no signs of relenting on his attack against conservative news outlets.

According to Buzzfeed, the social media behemoth will be implementing “a system that ranks news organizations based on trustworthiness, and promotes or suppresses its content based on that metric.”

Zuckerberg says that Facebook compiled data on the trustworthiness of certain news brands based on consumer perception.

“We put [that data] into the system, and it is acting as a boost or a suppression, and we’re going to dial up the intensity of that over time,” he said. “We feel like we have a responsibility to further [break] down polarization and find common ground.”

Unsurprisingly, the group of media executives that Zuckerberg shared his new metric with on Tuesday were all representatives from predominantly left-wing publications: BuzzFeed News, The Information, Quartz, The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Recode, Univision, Barron’s, The Daily Beast, The Economist, HuffPost, Insider, The Atlantic, New York Post, and others.

Zuckerberg reportedly……


This New Feature Will Allow Facebook To Suppress Conservative Content | Daily Wire

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