Conservatives are at war and in enemy territory

Allen West sounds the alarm that conservatives are at war with the liberal social media. It has been obvious for some time that conservative ideas are being squelched in the New Town Square. That is what Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter have become for our ‘connected’ society. By controlling what is allowed to be seen and defining what is unacceptable, the social giants have declared war on you the conservative. Heed the call and fight back.

As Written and Reported By Allen West for Fox News:

I live much of my life online. You probably do, too.

We pay our bills, reach out to friends and family and express our opinions. That last one is getting people into a lot of trouble –, especially conservatives.

Prominent conservatives are being shut down all across the internet. They have videos deleted, posts removed and accounts suspended or banned. The targets read like a Who’s Who of the right: Michelle Malkin, Dennis Prager, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn have all been targets of our new censors. It’s not just a war on free speech. It’s a war on conservative speech.

The tech companies will deny it, assuredly. But I know a fight when I see it because I’ve seen my share. This is just a new kind of battlefield. Unfortunately, I also know conservatives are losing. For now.

Top tech companies are the problem — sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google and Google’s video site, YouTube. Malkin had one YouTube video removed for years. PragerU is suing YouTube claiming many of its videos have been targeted and demonetized.

Blackburn even had Twitter censor a pro-life ad she tried to run. They eventually caved for her because she’s in Congress, but Live Action still can’t advertise on Twitter. The company tried to make the pro-life group remove content off its own site before they would let it even buy ads.

And we saw Project Veritas reveal the bias behind the scenes at Twitter. Veritas showed how engineers admitted on camera that they shut down accounts they thought were automated — because they used the words “God” or “America.”

I guess I’m a bot, as well. I use those words all the time. Proudly.

There are many more examples. If I listed all the major examples, it would end up being a …..


Allen West: Facebook, Google and Twitter are at war with conservatives online — it’s time to fight back | Fox News

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