Consider This A Warning From President Trump

You can consider it a warning or you can consider these words from President Trump a rallying call. The bottom line is that if you like prosperity and you like keeping your money, there is no reason for you to vote for a Democrat.

Before you go and read his tweet below, I want you to consider this. If the President had said this in an interview with the mainstream media, what kind of attention would it receive? That is one of the reasons that the President has resorted to Twitter. It gets messages like this out where it will be discussed and not ignored. The GOP had better get out the vote after a warning like this.

As Written and Reported By Joseph Webber for Fox News:

Democrats’ policies would kill the prosperity the U.S. has enjoyed this year if they win the 2018 midtern elections, President Trump tweeted Sunday.

“Why would smart voters want to put Democrats in Congress in 2018 Election when their policies will totally kill the great wealth created during the months since the Election. People are much better off now not to mention ISIS, VA, Judges, Strong Border, 2nd A, Tax Cuts & more?” the president tweeted.

Next year’s elections are indeed a concern for Trump. Presidents’ ability to pass legislation is easier when their political party controls the House and Senate. However, the party in the White House historically loses House and Senate seats in midterm elections.

The roughly 32 House seats and more than two Senate seats a president typically losses during a midterm election is enough to give Democrats control of both chambers. (Democrats would need to win a total of 24 seats to win the House and three to end Republicans’ 51-49 majority in the Senate.)

Bruce Mehlman, a former assistant secretary of Commerce and co-chairman of Internet Innovation Alliance, suggested on “Fox News Sunday” that earlier predictions are difficult, …….


Trump says electing Dems would ‘totally kill’ his successes | Fox News

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