Cory Booker Has One Heck Of A Meltdown While Campaigning for Doug Jones In Alabama

Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey gives one of the more epic meltdowns on MSNBC. He is currently campaigning for Democrat Doug Jones who is running against Judge Roy Moore for a Senate seat from Alabama. 

Booker then proceeds to generate and repeat fake news about his opponent, Judge Moore. He is also praising Al Franken for doing the right thing while calling upon President Donald Trump to resign from office. You cannot make this stuff up. Read on.

As Written By Matthew Boyle for Breitbart News: 

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), a hard leftist Democrat senator from New Jersey who spent Saturday campaigning with fellow radical Doug Jones, went on a fake news tirade on Saturday night, pushing inaccurate information about GOP nominee for U.S. Senate Roy Moore and calling for President Donald Trump to resign.

According to Vice News’s Alex Jaffe, who interviewed Booker at a Jones campaign event in the state of Alabama, Booker called for President Trump to follow Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) in resigning. Franken, this week, announced his forthcoming resignation from the Senate over allegations of sexual misconduct that he has admitted to and apologized for after photographic evidence emerged of him groping radio personality Leann Tweeden. Several other women have similarly accused Franken of sexual misconduct. Franken, in his speech announcing his plans to resign within “weeks,” bashed both Moore and Trump.



Cory Booker on Fake News Tirade in Alabama with Doug Jones: Pushes Inaccuracies About Roy Moore, Calls for Donald Trump to Resign Presidency – Breitbart



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