Could it be that Robert Mueller is the honest one in the bunch?

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What are the pros and cons of Special Counsel Robert Mueller? This article takes a look at the Special Counsel and whether or not he is tainted. There are a lot of things that point to the integrity of his behavior in the past. He has been known as a straight shooter. That was until some of his associates in the FBI and the DOJ are looked at. When you are associated with a group of people whose integrity has been seriously challenged, your own reputation is in question. Here are the things we are looking at today.

As Written and Reported By SHARYL ATTKISSON for The Hill:

I think it’s entirely possible — likely, in fact — that Robert Mueller is an honest broker and performing his job as special counsel without fear or favor. That he will investigate until he reaches the end of the logical trail and present his legitimate findings accordingly, recommending prosecution of those who may have violated our nation’s laws and betrayed our trust.
But considering the information that’s become available in the past year, we would be remiss if we didn’t at least consider other possible scenarios. Here’s one of them, posited amidst the context of news that has come to light. It has to do with a special counsel probe with the appearance of several important conflicts of interest.
There are many excellent agents within our intelligence agencies who deserve great credit and respect. But we also know that some bad actors within those agencies have a daunting record of problems that include lying about evidence; conducting politically-motivated acts; botched terrorism investigations; improper surveillance of private citizens, members of Congress and journalists; providing incorrect information to Congress; and illegally withholding evidence.
When top FBI officials spoke privately of needing an “insurance policy” in……

Can Mueller be more honest than his colleagues? | TheHill

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