Could This Be The Reason Trey Gowdy Is Retiring from Congress?

Representative Trey Gowdy does not seem to have much faith in the ability of Congress to conduct a criminal investigation. He just said that he felt that the Executive Branch was better equipped to do that function. What he does not mention in his response is what is Congressional oversight and what are Congress’ duties in monitoring the government. Do you find it worrisome that Congress could possibly not see its role of taking care of business? It is almost like Congress has let subcontracts on every responsibility that was handed to them in the United States Constitution.

As Written and Reported By Cathy Burke for Newsmax:

Congress shouldn’t accuse individuals like former FBI Director James Comey of crime — and is ill-equipped to investigate criminal charges, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said Sunday.

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Gowdy was asked if there were plans to investigate Comey for sharing personal memos, which President Donald Trump blasted as criminal.

“Congress is not well equipped to investigate crime,” Gowdy said. “I have complete confidence in (Department of Justice inspector general) Michael Horowitz … to investigate.”

“I never accused Comey of committing a crime. I accused him of doing things I don’t agree with. But accusing someone of committing a crime? Congress shouldn’t do that.”

Gowdy also hedged on Trump’s declaration that he’s been vindicated by the conclusion of a House Intelligence Committee investigation and report.

“[B]est we can do is say what we’ve learned,” Gowdy said. “I can’t say what’s in the universe of witnesses we have not talked to. And I have always maintained I am awaiting the [special counsel Robert] Mueller investigation. They get to use a grand jury…..


Trey Gowdy: Executive Branch, Not Congress, Is Equipped to Investigate Crime |


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