Court Blow for Clinton: Judge Issues NEW Orders!

A federal judge ordered the State Department to provide 700 new pages of records from Hillary Clinton’s former office by Dec. 1, paving the way for a spate of document releases that could continue well into next year.


As Written By Sarah Westwood for The Washington Examiner:

The order by Judge Rudolph Contreras pushed agency officials to finish searching documents from Clinton’s time as secretary of State, including emails, memos and notes, by the end of the year, according to court documents obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Jason Leopold of Vice News had first filed a broad request under the Freedom of Information Act for virtually all written records from Clinton and her staff in November of last year, long before the public learned Clinton had shielded her communications on a private server.

That FOIA case eventually prompted the court’s high-profile decision to force the State Department to publish all of Clinton’s emails in batches at the end of every month.

Now, the agency could be compelled to …..


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