Daffy Duck goes Democrat or is it the other way around?!

The visual image of Daffy Duck totally losing it when outsmarted by Bugs Bunny is one of the funniest of the Looney Tunes running gags. To take that visual and apply it to the frustrated leftists is where a picture is worth a thousand words.

The tables of the Mueller witch hunt have turned in the direction of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation. There efforts to sink Donald Trump as a candidate, followed by their attempts to undermine him as President have gone over the Looney Tunes cliff. It will not be long until we here the closing tune and that statement of Porky Pig’s; “Th.. That’s all Folks!” I can see it all now.

As Written By James Lewis for the American Thinker:

Well, well, well.

At some point, sane folks just run out of words for the lyin’, cheatin’ media-Democrat-Deepster complex, and only cartoon characters will do.

In all those old Warner Bros cartoons where Daffy Duck was thwarted by Bugs at every turn, getting blown up or falling down humongous ravines in the desert, Daffy finally flips on his head and goes bouncing around the landscape.

You remember.

Well, the whole leftists kit and caboodle are now in full-blown Daffy mode.  Nothing they’ve tried has worked, and believe me: the media have been in cahoots with every Deep State and Democrat trick since Watergate.  Hillary, Obama, Bill, and the other clay idols keep getting exposed.  Even the RINOs are leaving D.C.  Obama’s favorite corruptocrats are beginning to feel the ice-cold breath of some ambitious special prosecutor looking for an easy payday.  The most vulnerable targets might include Mueller, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, and maybe even Lois Lerner.

It now looks as though the Mueller witch hunt is turning against the …….

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