Dan Bongino Blows Trump-Russia Investigation Out Of The Water [Video]

Dan Bongino appeared on Fox News and blew it away! Straight up calling the Russia robe “a ridiculous X-files conspiracy theory.”

He went on to reiterate, stating that there is no crime, and the investigators are people who actually donated to Hillary Clinton, President Trump’s primary opponent during the presidential rune in 2016 calling the proceedings and “embarrassment to our justice system.”


He further stated on Facebook, in regards to this interview, that “Trump’s only “crime” was getting elected president. This investigation is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our country and our justice system.”

Let’s talk about actual Russian collusion by the Clinton’s. When is the official investigation going to begin on that? Among other things, didn’t Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed off on a deal that allowed Uranium One (a Russian company) to control of one-fifth (20%) of all the uranium production capacity in the USA. You tell me, America?

As written for Fox News:

Dan Bongino said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia reminds him of a banana republic.

“We are seriously turning into a banana republic,” the former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer told “Fox & Friends.”

Bongino called the Russia probe a “ridiculous X-files conspiracy theory.”

Mueller intends to investigate Trump’s personal finances such as his tax returns and real estate deals as part of the probe. President Trump hit back against this news, saying in a New York Times interview that those items are not within the scope of the probe.

“This is a disaster,” Bongino said. “This is not the way we do things.”

“Hell yeah [the White House] should go on the offensive,” Bongino said, calling the proceedings and “embarrassment to our justice system.”

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