Dan Bongino Nails The Obama Economy Disaster in Two Critical Points

The Obama administration can point to all the economic factors it can find. It can make the figures lie and paint a rosy picture for the uninformed masses. What Congress cannot afford to do is ignore the actual symptoms of our economic malaise. These two stand alone facts can not be ignored much longer. It also points to the failing of the nanny-state and the great liberal nightmare.

unemployed Workers

As Written By: Dan Bongino at Conservative Review:


The Obama economy is a disaster, and there’s nothing the Obama administration can do to talk its way out of the economic abyss they’ve led the country into. A change in direction is going to take a commitment to action, but more importantly, we must acknowledge what the problems are first. Here are two critical reasons the economy is sputtering:

  1. Labor Force Participation:
    The labor force participation rate has been stubbornly hovering in the low 60s for the entirety of Barack Obama’s second term and has been trending downward for his entire presidency. It doesn’t take a doctorate degree in economics to understand why the labor force participation numbers are troubling. When the welfare-state expands to nearly a quarter of the economy and progressives attempt to create a cradle-to-grave series of entitlements, working becomes an option and not a necessity.Think about it this way: imagine you have two countries of 100 people each. Country A has 80 of their 100 people working to produce the food, housing, medicine, products and services for their 100 citizens. Country B has 60 of their 100 people working to produce the food, housing, medicine, products and services for their 100 citizens. Where would you rather live and work? The answer is pretty simple; Country A of course. Country A has two significant advantages. The first is obvious: you are more likely to find employment in Country A because there are more jobs.



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