DAVIS: This Time, Trump’s Not the Problem 

When Donald Trump speaks the leftest hang on every phrase looking for an opportunity to bash him. If this was the only place it came from, that would be expected. what is not expected are the gasps of horror from Republican leaders. In analysis, their gasps are not about what he said but how the speech police are going to use it against the party. So they attack Trump to divert attention from themselves. What they should do is defend and explain what Trump’s message actually is, not how it is distorted by the drive by media. Read more below.

Image by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

As Written By Mark Davis for Townhall:

When Republicans have a severe communications mishap, all conservatives should be concerned about getting the situation righted as soon as possible.

If someone seeking to speak for all Republicans commits a seething unforced error, it must be addressed promptly so that voters know they can expect better moving forward.

I am referring, of course, to Paul Ryan.

Sure, Donald Trump could have been more precise in his complaint about Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Something like this: “The Judge’s ethnicity poses no problem in and of itself. But there is an appearance of compromised impartiality based on racial politics— the judge’s membership in a pro-amnesty lawyers’ association is in direct conflict with my campaign policies.”

What would that take, ten seconds? Fine-tuning Trump’s phraseology is easy. Far more pressing is the issue of key Republicans choosing to lie about our presumptive nominee…….

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This Time, Trump’s Not the Problem – Mark Davis

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